Wyoming Adventure

We met up with my family in Wyoming and Montana for a campout.

One the way up, we stopped at Bear Lake, South Pass and Thermopolis at the Hot Spring State Park. I loved Thermopolis. It was so fun to wave and swim in the water where the hot springs met the river.

We spent the next couple night with my family, swimming in the lake, hanging out. We did a hike to Medicinal Wheel, which was scenic and meaningful. As we left, I saw an older gentlemen walking with a significant limp up to the Medicine Wheel with an offering in hand. It is neat to be able to share in the sacred experiences of others.

So most of my family went home from Wyoming to Utah at the same time, and we’d pass each other on the highway. At one point, we pulled off on the side of the road to deal with the toddler who was woken up by a brother and then cried so hard he threw up. My brother called us, because he passed us while we were on the side of the road, and we ended up in the next town sharing ice cream.

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