Online Collaboration in Design Work

During my education, I became very interested in online interaction, specifically focused on interacting with others to help the learning process.

Studio Space Website

For my first project, I developed an online website that explains the importance of social interaction in design coursework that is traditionally taught in a studio environment. The website is available here.

Created with Google Sites, Slides & Docs

Thesis Coursework

I implemented and studied online interaction techniques in a thesis entitled Implementing a Digital Sharing Space in Online Studio Coursework in The Field of Landscape Architecture. This thesis is available through USU Digital Commons.

This research was presented in the USU Spring 2021 Student Research Symposium and was awarded the Graduate Oral Award for Social Sciences and Education. That presentation is available here.

Permaculture Design & Workbook

Permaculture has been a growing trend in gardening but is often not understood. This project provides an example of permaculture design and an accompanying workbook to help educate people on permaculture.

Example Design

This design is rooted in a real-world context, but its primary purpose is to provide an example for others to learn from.

An introduction to permaculture focusing on principles and design utilizing this example design is presented in a workbook. The first section of the workbook is provided below.

Created with Sketchbook, AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Indesign.

Citizen Planning Class

This class is designed to provide citizens an introduction to ecological planning methods. The purpose behind the class is to allow community members to provide informed involvement with the planning process in their communities. This would lead to more sustainable communities.

Creating Sustainable Communities

An overview of the course is presented, including the foundational knowledge to be presented, and course activities. This course is not fully developed but provides a framework to develop a full course.