Waterfalls, Adventures, Fireworks

We have been so many beautiful places: Bridal Veil Falls, Ogden Nature Center, Heber Valley Railroad, Mirror Lake Highway, Provo River Falls, Naomi Peak, Hill Aerospace Museum. We’ve spent a lot of time with family for reunions, fireworks, kid swaps. It’s been quite the summer. I’ve taken so many pictures that I had to upgrade my website…I usually split up long posts like this one, but didn’t feel like it today.

I grew lisianthus and other cut flowers for the first time this year in my traditional vegetable bed. I will continue to do so. I love being able to go cut flowers from the garden.

This was a great hike, to the top of Naomi Peak. My sister and I switched children for the week: I took hers for a few days, and she took mine. While we were kid-free, Joe and I went on the hike. I did start out carsick, and no idea if I would make it, but we kept going and made it to the top.

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