Bad Days

When I have bad days sometimes I hate my life and want to change everything about it. But usually, I’m just being overdramatic. Bad days happen even when you have a good life. There’s often nothing much that needs to change, you keep going and it gets better.

Go Anyway

We had a lot going on, and trying to fit in everything seemed impossible. But I really wanted to squeeze in a hike, and the only time it would fit was first thing in the morning. Usually, the kids complain about that, but that day, they all were quite happy to fill in the car at the crack of dawn and go off on an adventure. We hit two tiny hikes: climbed a hill called Potato, and a jungle trail that was designed for kids. Minus a bike crash (for the three-year-old who rides his strider bike everywhere), we all had a great time. It’s good to get out even when it seems like you don’t have time to. And it took less time than I thought and the whole day came together wonderfully.

Bonus pictures from the school fair, the baby because she is cute, and another outing to a new lake by my brother’s house.

Baby Smiles

I knew life would be a little hard right now. Remodeling a house, having a baby. And it’s been so hot. The baby is actually quite a happy baby. She’s sucking her thumb which helps with self-soothing and mostly sleeps through the night. Can’t complain. She’s adorable, very chumpy, and mostly happy.

The remodel is going really well. I don’t have to do much, just watch other people do the work and occasionally make decisions and buy things. It’s exciting to see it progressing, and I’m also eagerly looking forward to doing a lot of landscaping once that gets in. So much so, I spent a whole lot of money on stones and boulders.

The kids are busy with flag football, school, piano, and a few clubs mixed in. Zack started preschool this week!

We went to Highland Glen Pond over the weekend. We haven’t got the canoe out all summer, and it was fun to find a good place nearby to go.

Back to School

We are back to school for most of the kids. They are enjoying their new schools. Curtis said that his new school is a better school, but he misses his friends. Here are the obligatory back-to-school photos. Taken the first day of school, but after school, because I am not always on top of things.

Here are some of the other children who haven’t gone back to school yet. And the quality of some of these phone photos is very low, but the subject matter is cute enough to still share. Zack is doing soccer at the local rec center. He’s enjoyed it, but he’s also very little and it sometimes is a little scary. And we are getting baby E smiles now!


Normally we try to have a big vacation every summer. But with moving and a baby, this year we had a two-day vacation. And it was a great vacation, where almost nothing went wrong. We went up to Lava Hot Springs with my sister and her family. We tubed, camped, soaked in the hot springs, and went to the water park. Fun for the kids, sometimes actually relaxing for the parents. I loved tubing, and I actually went off the high dive and down some slides. Even with having the baby to take care of most of the time, I had a lot of fun. I think everyone did.

Seeking Beauty

The majority of my time is spent caring for children right now. Little Miss is growing and doing well. We had her baby blessing at our church, and she looked beautiful for it.

The other children are around too. I sometimes feel bad because we haven’t done that much this summer but they are having fun at home. Home is sometimes really fun too because of all the construction going on.

My other priority for the summer is to simply find beautiful places to enjoy. We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and even found places just a few minutes from home.

In Other News…

I just wrote a post with baby pictures and decided to break this one off separately.

This is from a visit to Bridal Veil Falls. On the same day, we met up with my sister at Deer Creek Reservoir and had fun.

We had fireworks on the fourth, and the boys went with their grandparents to a parade. Zack adored the fireworks, he thought it was the best thing ever. And then we had another exciting day with dump trucks and earth movers in our backyard. The kids were mostly penned inside watching but did enjoy lunch break where they were able to play a bit.


She’s here now! The day before my due date I went to my doctor’s appointment, and we scheduled her to come later that day. It was a normal, uneventful labor similar to all my other babies. But she also doesn’t look anything like my other babies when they were born. Lots of dark hair, and a cute squishy face.

We are doing really well at home. The boys love her, I’ve recovered quickly. She went from losing a bit too much weight after birth to gaining nearly two pounds in a couple weeks. She is loving Mom’s milk.


Lately, I’ve looked like this.

I’ve got a big tummy, and I’m almost to my due date. The rest of my children were born early, but this one is content to stay put for now. Next post, I should have baby pictures.

These are good pictures of what summer looks like:

We did go to the Zoo and a parade, and we have spent good time with our family. Henry did swim lessons and was super close to passing off his level. The library is always fun, we bought a pass to the local pool, and we are finding new parks and splash pads to play in around the area, and a lot of time just spent at home playing, or for me, napping. And for Zack, avoiding sleep and then falling asleep in weird places.


As soon as the kids were done with school, we moved. Joe’s already been working far away for the past few months, and we had a new place to go. The house sold less than a week after we moved out, and now we are living back in my childhood home. I didn’t ever expect to move in with my parents again, but here we are. It’s a different situation: we are buying the house and adding on a new addition for my parents to live in.

Here’s one last picture of us in front of our old house.

Now we are in the heat of summer. We’ve been spending our time moving in, going to the library, swimming pool, and parks, and enjoying things nearby. Peter’s already been to basketball camp and camp with the church. He won a couple of competitions on the last day at basketball camp and was very excited about it. We also enjoyed a short hike by Timp Cave and went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.