Having a baby is pretty great. But then as I was just starting to get into a good groove, I got a bit sick, baby also got sick and live gets thrown off again. We are both recovering just fine now.

Everything takes a lot longer, especially because Zack prefers to be held all the time. Literally. He sleeps better with a warm person next to him. When I was sick, I wanted a nap so bad and had a tender mercy from the Lord when he slept by himself so I could take a good nap.


This is Henry’s first day of preschool. He is loving preschool: super excited to go and loves to show me all that he does. IMG_20190910_085421041

This is Zack’s current version of a smile. IMG_20190915_144412427_BURST000_COVER_TOP


Baby Life

This little guy is doing just great. Gaining weight, nursing well (which is a happy surprise because I basically didn’t nurse him for the first three weeks of his life) and he’s generally happy. If he’s being held. It’s a lot of work though, just to help someone eat and sleep and poop. I’m glad he’s so cute. IMG_6391IMG_6396IMG_6400IMG_6404IMG_6408IMG_6409IMG_6412

The remaining children are all doing pretty good at school. Henry loves preschool, and the other kids slipped into their new grades without any fuss. IMG_6375IMG_6367


Around midnight: I get up for five minutes to turn on the irrigation. (We have old-fashioned flood irrigation.) Then as I’m going back to sleep shortly thereafter, I roll over and I feel a gush of fluid, and I know…my water broke! No questions about it. I get up, wake up Joe, and we realize we have to go to the hospital. So the next while was spent packing and figuring out where to go that is covered by our insurance and takes care of preemie babies. I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that I’m going to have a baby.

Checking in, getting all the paperwork in took a while. And then we waited. I had antibiotics, a couple of steroid shots, and some iffy contractions, and a few attempted naps. Eventually, it turned into Pitocin. Finally, it was a little bit harder to watch the show we were watching but not too bad…and the pressure moved lower…and I knew I was getting close.


So I called in the nurse, and sure enough, we headed over to the OR. (They always deliver preemies in the OR.) And within ten minutes of getting there, and one good contraction, my little guy was here. Pink, small but not too small, and crying just a bit. I held him for a minute, and then they whisked him off to evaluate him.


At five weeks early, he was 5 lbs 11 oz, and 19 1/4 long. No problems with breathing, a little cold but otherwise just perfect for his age. The strangest thing of most lasting impact is an extra thumb on his right hand! (I have no problem with that, it just makes him an interesting baby and we will figure out if we need to do anything about it down the road.)

Even though this wasn’t the birth I expected, I’m happy with how everything went. I had plans to deliver at a birth center, and I frankly wasn’t very happy with the care I was getting and had a lot of doubts. Going to the hospital wasn’t a disappointment. Labor and recovery were easy for me: I was watching TV through my contractions up until the end, and that lasted about twenty minutes. (I’ve never had an epidural not because I am a strong person, but simply because I have easy labors.)

Baby is doing well, and I’ll write more about him later!

Hobbit Caves

We found out about this little adventure on a blog and headed up one Saturday. We combined a visit to the caves with a picnic at Second Dam. And then when Henry fell into the stream and got all wet after proclaiming boldly, “I can do it myself!” we went home.


City of Rocks

We went on a day trip to the City of Rocks in Idaho a few years ago and planned a camping trip this year. The campground is fun because it’s pretty spread out and beautiful views and fun places to explore right by the campground. (But the bathroom and water situation is pretty primitive FYI.)

The kids loved climbing. There are tons of rock climbers around, but there are also a lot of fun trails and easier climbs up the rocks that don’t require any gear or knowledge. Joe, Peter, and Curtis all made it to the top of Practice Rock, and Bath Rock, even when Peter was pretty scared of heights.

Climbing practice rock:

Window Arch:IMG_6173IMG_6177IMG_6179

By the campsite: IMG_6181

Climbing Bath Rock:IMG_6185IMG_6186IMG_6189IMG_6190IMG_6199IMG_6204

Hiking at the nearby Castle Rock State Park: IMG_6206

I bring band-aids everywhere I go, and I buy them in bulk. For good reason. This is the second time in the same day this little dude feel down and scraped up his legs. IMG_6208