River Run

I have been craving going out on the river for tubing, rafting, etc. However, there are several problems. I have a two year old and other small children which makes rapids rather complicated and rules out most commercial options. We do own an inflatable boat and canoe, which are not for rapids though. So we took them out on the complacent Bear River several miles from our home.

The river is slow. When I saw slow, I mean like if you don’t paddle you stand still. We towed the raft behind the canoe and I paddled for over an hour. The kids were rather bored with the whole thing. But I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was beautiful, not as hot when you were on the river, and great exercise.

It took longer than expected, the kids were all hungry and tired when we were done and there might have been a lot of frustration and fighting trying to get all packed up and home. I still got to go down the river, and I’m glad we went.

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