Summer Staples

Every summer we do swim lesson, and I make sure and take pictures of the kids with their certificates so I know what level to sign them up for next year. They all passed off their classes and are becoming great swimmers. The two older kids were doing flips off the diving board.


I bought a slip and slide again after our other one gave up the ghost last year. It is something I remember doing a lot in the summer growing up. The kids love it, and all four were injured in some minor way the first time we brought it out. It attracted a lot of friends too, which is always fun.


Short hikes have been a big hit this year. For once, Peter actually asked to go on a hike, instead of reluctantly tagging along when I plan one out. We went back up to the little waterfall near our home. It’s slowed to a trickle but is still pretty and a fun morning hike.


It was a free day at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, so I dragged everyone down there. We usually like it, but at the end of an already full day, it was underwhelming for the kids. You can tell by their enthusiastic expressions.


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