Summer Continues…

I’ve felt like during the summer so far, I’ve been busy but I’ve got nothing done. It’s been fun to mostly be focusing on the children and playing with them.

We’ve been to the beach and out on the canoe.


We went on a bike ride where I discover that it’s a bit hard to breathe biking seven months pregnant. This is a selfie at the end of a short ride.


We went on a short hike in Ogden to a tiny pond that was a lot of fun. The kids and I are great fans of decent destination hikes that are under a mile, and this fit the bill.


The kids were very into a road-side lemonade stand for a few days. They went on a corner by a friends house and had decent success. The first day was lemonade, and the next was upgraded to cookies and Koolaid. Then they spent the money they earned on Gatorade and donuts.


It was all fun, except…a half-gallon of red Koolaid spilled all over my fridge and floor. It took a while to clean up, and the floor is still a little sticky even after mopping multiple times now. The fridge did get really clean at least, and it kind of needed it.


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