City of Rocks

We went on a day trip to the City of Rocks in Idaho a few years ago and planned a camping trip this year. The campground is fun because it’s pretty spread out and beautiful views and fun places to explore right by the campground. (But the bathroom and water situation is pretty primitive FYI.)

The kids loved climbing. There are tons of rock climbers around, but there are also a lot of fun trails and easier climbs up the rocks that don’t require any gear or knowledge. Joe, Peter, and Curtis all made it to the top of Practice Rock, and Bath Rock, even when Peter was pretty scared of heights.

Climbing practice rock:

Window Arch:IMG_6173IMG_6177IMG_6179

By the campsite: IMG_6181

Climbing Bath Rock:IMG_6185IMG_6186IMG_6189IMG_6190IMG_6199IMG_6204

Hiking at the nearby Castle Rock State Park: IMG_6206

I bring band-aids everywhere I go, and I buy them in bulk. For good reason. This is the second time in the same day this little dude feel down and scraped up his legs. IMG_6208

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