School’s Out

I hear a lot of mom’s talk about how they are glad that their children go to school. They need a break. It’s hard to be with your children all the time. I’ve said very similar things.

And then one day I met a mom at the library, talking about how sad she was to send her kids to school, and that she was very excited that they would be home for summer. She liked being with her children and sent them to school because she knew it was necessary for them, not because she wanted a break.

It was this totally different viewpoint that I’ve never forgotten and always wanted to achieve. I’m not there yet. It’s hard to be with my children all the time. Just today I snapped a bit at one of them for talking, and talking, and talking to me about Digimon (or Pokemon, I’m not sure which). Now that school is out and my children will be with me 24/7, I do want to be able to treasure and enjoy my time with them. They are great children and it’s a privilege to be able to see them grow up.

Last Day of School:IMG_5749IMG_5752IMG_5745IMG_5747

Visiting the splash pad the day it opened: 

I’m not sure who drew this or what it is, but I like it:IMG_5739

Curtis’s performance for school:IMG_5612IMG_5606IMG_5610

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