Garden in May

I’m going to indulge a bit a share lots of pictures of the garden. After years of work, it’s finally grown into something I’m quite happy about. There are always children playing, and lots of fruits and vegetables coming up as well.

Things will often take longer than we want. Life is slow. I plant an apple tree, and I won’t get fruit for a few years. I make plans that only exist on paper for a long time, but eventually with gradual work. they start to take shape. Life is slow in a very good way that teaches us patience and teaches us to appreciate what we have.


One thought on “Garden in May

  1. Heather Hoyt says:

    I wish we could take a picture of our own personal development and see a before-and-after, because I do think we learn and grow, but it’s really hard to see sometimes. And it’s nice to stay in the same place so you actually see progress.


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