Road Trip

The road trip seemed fun, but also a little insane. Las Vegas, Sequoia, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, all in one big loop in just six days. (It’s over 30 hours of driving.) I wanted a good mix of fun, nature, new places and places I wanted to return to.

We went. There were some downsides. An expensive speeding ticket, taking the wrong shuttle and having to wait around for 20 minutes, and throwing up in the car a couple of times. But overall, the kids didn’t mind driving so much, and everyone loved about everywhere we went. (Except amusement parks are really boring when you are pregnant.)

The first day, we stopped at St. George. It was hot, so after spending a small amount of time at Thunder Junction, we went to the Temple visitors center and watched a movie. The next day in Vegas, we mostly went to Circus Circus where we rode rides, swam, and spent too much on food.

We made a side trip to the dunes in the Mojave desert. It sounded fun, and in reality, it was hot and a bit boring….that whole day was pretty boring.

But the next day was amazing. We went and hiked around the sequoias. Peter ranked the hikes we did a 10/10, which was a first. I remember going here as a little girl, and it was one of the most memorable places I’ve been to.

More camping, and then we visited the waterfalls at Yosemite. The kids might have liked riding the shuttle as much as anything else.

Our final stop was Lake Tahoe, where we did laundry, slept, and did spend an hour or so at the beach during sunset. (It was also rather cold that night.)

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