The last few weeks have gone quickly or slowly. I’m not sure which. It’s been a whirlwind of model building, photoshop, research articles, and listening to final presentations. I turned in my last assignment for the semester today. Now I can breathe. And get caught up on the weeds in the garden that have taken over while I was busy.


My one regret is I don’t have any work I’m proud of. I completed projects and received decent grades, but a lot of what I did was in a rush or in a group project. I didn’t refine it to a point that I knew I did as good as I could. I might take the summer to build more portfolio pieces where I have more time and autonomy do what I know I can do.

For now, I’m transferring much of my efforts into the garden. It’s beautiful in spite of the weeds.


I would say this is the first harvest of the season, but we’ve actually been cutting lettuce for weeks. I’ve also had asparagus, but it doesn’t make it into the house. IMG_5337

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