Spring Stuff

First up is the pinewood derby.
Peter took third place. I would say I was proud of him for working so hard on his car, but his dad made it and Peter had to be coerced to help. They had a lot of fun at the actual race though. 57576950_2318174134869303_832577447529545728_n-2

This is Curtis doing one of the things he likes most. He loves video games, which is sometimes a challenge. He also loves playing outside with friends and reading, so it’s okay.
And this is Henry’s favorite thing in the whole world. “Flower” (his flower blanket) ranks above Mommy sometimes.

We went to the park on the first of May. It was great fun, but I did not expect to be having a snowball fight.

In other weather-related news, we had our nearly annual hail storm and got to test out the new drain by the garage. It prevented some, but not all of the flooding. The kids loved watching the storm roll in. The weather has been perfectly normal in spring: wildly unpredictable.

On a good weather day, we got the canoe out. I drive by the lake when I go up to school and I had been itching to get out on the water.

Finally a little belated Valentine from Henry. He comes up with the cutest things. IMG_20190429_103023386-2

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