Catching Up

I wanted to get Thanksgiving and Halloween pictures up before Christmas, and return to more regular posting on the blog.

School this semester has kept me stressed out and busy. This semester hasn’t been the most amount of work, but it has been the most amount of stress. I had a class that I struggled with. It was a required class, but about a subject I didn’t care about. The expectations in the class were not clear, and we worked on a massive group project for most of the semester. For me, it was the worst kind of class I could have taken. But I’m nearly done with it, and I learned a lot even if it wasn’t the type of learning I expected.

Anyway, I am grateful for a cute family that supports and loves me. We have fun. Here’s a collection of photos from my phone that I don’t think I’ve posted. It includes Halloween, which we spent home on quarantine. Luckily, I hadn’t yet bought costumes, so we just had fun with things around the house. We trick-or-treated around the house, and had some neighbors that brought us extra candy.

Thanksgiving is also in there. We went up and spent the day with just my sister, and it was fun. Also there is a random picture of a huge binder. That is the result of years of being the music leader for children at church. My role at church has changed (I’m now doing activities with the boys), and I can eventually pass off this binder to someone else. (Covid means I’ll probably hang on for it for awhile yet.)

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