I’ve been busy. School has been a challenge. My husband tested positive for Covid at work, and we spent two weeks at home. (We also might have gone on a few walks far away from people…You have to maintain your sanity.) There were some symptoms, but all of us have had colds that were worse. It was entirely uneventful.

We were doing basketball but then they stopped that for a few weeks. Covid makes everything unpredictable. My sister wanted to come visit, but then there was a weird directive from the government that said that wasn’t okay. Instead we met up at a children’s museum, which was okay. I don’t think all the protocols make sense.

Today, I convinced the boys to go hiking with me. We’ve lived here for a long time (this is the house that Joe has lived in the longest), but have yet to hike the B. It’s a steep hike for the first part, and we all struggled. I though we might be unable to convince Henry. But we all made it.

I’m grateful that in spite of this life that has turned entirely unpredictable, I am surrounded by my boys that I love. It is so fun to see them growing up and learning to work and try hard. One day they wanted to buy a video game, and so they spent an afternoon and morning doing chores for me. That was awesome.

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