Summer Projects

What has occupied the kids’ time the very most is reading. They are devouring books. It took me a long time to get Peter interested in novels, but now he won’t stop! He’ll read one a day. Other fun things: the children have been into marble runs recently.


We are going to upgrade the cardboard soon. Joe has some ideas and has been working in his shop to make some better ones.

I bought some watercolor markers and they have been enjoyed by all. Here are some examples.


The kids even got into bug collecting for a while. I liked this. Bugs and I get along. I’ve had four pest control companies come soliciting, and my response is always the same. No, I don’t mind the bugs.


We did fireworks for Independence Day. I didn’t take any pictures, but it was fun. Minus a small argument between my husband and me on where to go. (My mental health is in need of a break, and I will take one after finishing a few projects that are due soon.)

Joe and I updated the bedroom and living room. We got rid of some of the bulky furniture and I love it. I love the floor bed which we switched to after it was no longer safe to sleep with a mobile baby, and I love having a bunch of movable chairs in the living room. Here’s a video I made for my mom who currently lives far away.

I’ve also been working hard at school. I have a proposal defense scheduled, which I have been working toward for way over a year. Hopefully, that goes well. I’m prototyping out my digital sharing space I’m creating, and I’m also working on a project to help students interact better in online environments. I’m enjoying it.


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