Garden Pictures

After years of work, the garden is doing pretty well. If you are interested in more garden pictures, I started an Instagram account for all things gardening, find me at @responsivegardens

This rose bush is far too small to have a bloom, but it’s trying anyway. img_20200701_110752170

I know this plant looks awful. It’s being attacked by root weevils. I’m trying to get a handle on them, so this is my before picture.
I honestly grew artichokes so I could get the flowers. img_20200630_090304469img_20200630_090220102_hdrimg_20200630_090154251_hdrimg_20200630_090136379img_20200630_090120769img_20200630_090019897_hdrimg_20200630_085952494_hdrimg_20200630_085845892_hdrThese zucchini were under peas up until ten minutes before I took the picture. It’s seemed to be a great companion/succession combo.img_20200630_085928123img_20200630_085946513_hdrimg_20200630_085828261_hdrimg_20200623_082849735img_20200622_070912951img_20200622_070829630img_20200622_070852943_hdr

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