Disaster Hike

We decided to go hike up Providence Canyon in Cache Valley. There are a couple of waterfalls. Here’s what went wrong:

  • The bumpy dirt road upset my oldest child. And one of our back tires has been rather low since we got back.
  • After the bumpy road, we parked and got out to hike. It turns out that Henry didn’t have shoes. He piggybacked on Joe.
  • We picked a steep path to go up to the waterfall (there is an easier way we didn’t find until the way down).
  • We walked up the very slippery snow so we could get to the base. On the way back, Peter and I both fell down. I hit my tailbone hard and it still hurts five days later.
  • Hurtin your tailbone is quite literally a pain in the butt. Don’t do it. Don’t climb up slippery snow. Go around, or just enjoy the view from a distance.



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