I’ve worked as a garden designer for several years. People pay me to make planting plans. But I actually had never done a complete planting plan for my own garden. I kind of planted whatever whenever. I wanted to rectify that situation, so I re-designed the front garden with a proper planting plan. We also upgraded the pathway, and I’m quite happy with the results.


The same Saturday we finished our front garden, we went down and helped my brother install his. Two gardens in one day. It was a good day.

planting planbiterative 2img_20200502_145216048_hdrimg_20200502_145059902_hdr

Also, gardens take a while to fill in and look as intended. It’s an interesting art form to work with.

One more picture of this little cutey who started to crawl. He’s been working so hard and was finally rewarded. He went from little scootches to crawling across the room in a couple of days.


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