Top 10 of the Year

It was a crazy year:

I graduated from school with a Master’s in Landscape Architecture and MA in Instruction Design. I decided to start my own business.

Joe changed jobs and now works at a hospital in Salt Lake County.

We moved from our home of nine years to the home I grew up in.

Peter played basketball and is doing quite well even after moving to a more competitive area. He also likes piano, flag football, and percussion. Curtis did a lot of clubs, and rec soccer, basketball, and flag football. Henry did swimming, wrestling, piano, and scouts. Zack learned how to use the potty, went from daycare to preschool, and loves sports, monster trucks, and Spiderman.

Evie was born which is probably the biggest change of all.

We remodeled our home (still ongoing). We went to Lava Hot Springs, central Utah, St. George, and Logan. Not a lot of traveling with everything else going on, just enough to keep life interesting.

And here are my top 10 pictures from the year!

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