Working Hard

I love to work. Good hard physical work, or mental engagement in a meaningful project. I am much more upset about things that keep me from working than I am about having too much work to do. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky because lately there has been a lot of work to do. We are trying to get the addition done for Thanksgiving. And we are on track to get it done!

The thing is, I don’t do much of the work. I sometimes help, but right now I have a full-time job raising five children. And I find if I don’t make that a priority, there are problems. Today we went out and played at the park, playing disc golf and on the playground. Because I knew if I worked on projects all day and didn’t do things with the kids, it would bite me later with grumpy attitudes from them. Last week I didn’t spend as much time with them as I should have, and I paid for it later.

So even though I really like work, I don’t spend as much time doing it as I might like to. There are more important things than simply getting items checked off a to-do list.

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