Baby Smiles

I knew life would be a little hard right now. Remodeling a house, having a baby. And it’s been so hot. The baby is actually quite a happy baby. She’s sucking her thumb which helps with self-soothing and mostly sleeps through the night. Can’t complain. She’s adorable, very chumpy, and mostly happy.

The remodel is going really well. I don’t have to do much, just watch other people do the work and occasionally make decisions and buy things. It’s exciting to see it progressing, and I’m also eagerly looking forward to doing a lot of landscaping once that gets in. So much so, I spent a whole lot of money on stones and boulders.

The kids are busy with flag football, school, piano, and a few clubs mixed in. Zack started preschool this week!

We went to Highland Glen Pond over the weekend. We haven’t got the canoe out all summer, and it was fun to find a good place nearby to go.

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