As soon as the kids were done with school, we moved. Joe’s already been working far away for the past few months, and we had a new place to go. The house sold less than a week after we moved out, and now we are living back in my childhood home. I didn’t ever expect to move in with my parents again, but here we are. It’s a different situation: we are buying the house and adding on a new addition for my parents to live in.

Here’s one last picture of us in front of our old house.

Now we are in the heat of summer. We’ve been spending our time moving in, going to the library, swimming pool, and parks, and enjoying things nearby. Peter’s already been to basketball camp and camp with the church. He won a couple of competitions on the last day at basketball camp and was very excited about it. We also enjoyed a short hike by Timp Cave and went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.

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