Getting Ready to Leave

We were ready to stay here for a long time, so getting the house ready to sell and move is a bit bittersweet.

There are things we probably would have done differently. We did a facelift for the kitchen, and I’m already planning on changing out the knobs. (Mostly to take the new hardware with me when I move.) The greenhouse wouldn’t have been rebuilt, but probably simply taken down.

And there’s a lot that’s gone wrong. The backdoor resist repair and simply needed to be replaced. We found a small patch of moist, moldy drywall that we had to replace. Old windows take forever to repair, and so does painting, cleaning, and fixing the many things that we’ve ignored over the eight years we lived here.

I’ve been trying to enjoy the end of winter. I even went hiking by myself when no one else wanted to go. Going outside regularly helps me to love life a little more. I am very excited for warmer weather and spring coming, even if the moving situation means my garden will probably be small and in flux this year.

For the kids, they are mostly looking forward to moving soon. Peter has been finishing up basketball. We won our first tournament game, and he won the regional finals for a Fun Shot competition, resulting in yet another competition and free Jazz tickets. It was so fun to see him do so well at the shooting competition. He had a perfect strategy and kept draining threes.

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