Year Review: 2021

This year was more of the same. More school, more kids, same house. I continued to work on my graduate degrees (I really am almost done), and Joe continues to work at Pioneer Care Center. We did buy a new car right before Christmas. There were some good vacations, two big ones to Arizona and Hollywood. We also did a lot of sledding, hiking, tubing, playing at parks, and at the lake.

Peter continues to adore basketball and played flag football and soccer too. He started middle school and loves it. He joined Young Men’s and was the Young Men’s secretary. Also continued piano lessons, started percussion in band, and joined a pickleball club.

Curtis continued to do Cub Scouts, he’s now in Webelos. He played soccer, basketball, and flag football. He mostly enjoys building legos.

Henry started piano and Cub Scouts and performed in a youth choir. He did a lot of swimming lessons and played flag football and t-ball.

Zack started daycare, which he loves. He loves basketball, cement mixers, trucks, Batman, Pikachu. He’s got a new favorite every week.

We added on an upgraded greenhouse to the house, painted the house, refreshed the kitchen, grew a pretty good garden, and a few other random projects like adding a beam for structural stability, and a backyard pool.

Top 10 Pictures:

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