End of Summer

Well, the summer has ended. School has begun, the leaves are starting to turn colors.

For our last summer activity, we went back to the Ogden River and went tubing. We had visited a park briefly with my sister, and I talked about how we went tubing there the year before. And a couple of weeks later, we met up and went tubing together. My niece said it was the best thing she ever did. It was fun, even though the river was rather low. We also took the tubes out to the lake, they worked great towed behind our canoe.

We’ve been to the County Fair, played at a splash pad, played at home, went to the Aviary. Really, it was a great summer. But I’m okay with it being over and going back to school.

Everyone is gone this year. I’m up on campus, the three older kids go to school all day, and Zack started daycare. It’s been a change, but I am happy to report the house stays cleaner.

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