Hiking Ogden Waterfall Canyon

When my kids were younger, we went hiking more. Sometimes I’m amazed at how far we went with how young our kids are.

For example, we did this hike five years ago when our kids were a baby, three and five. This time we did it when they were fiver years older, and add another baby. And it was challenging now, and I’m not sure how we did it back then. I think I was in better shape and we carried two of them for at least part of the way, and this time we tried to get all three up without help. Because you can’t easily carry people who aren’t toddlers and babies.

Anyway, the children (especially the oldest) start to complain a lot about hiking. I decided I didn’t want my kids to hate hiking, so we cut back a lot. We did shorter hikes with bigger rewards and not as frequently.

But also, the children are old enough to hike now, and it’s my favorite things, so sometimes we do attempt longer hikes. Even if they almost quit five minutes before we got to the waterfall. I usually promise treats afterwards and try be patient and we make it.

It was a rainy day, but not cold. Perfect weather. Except it started to pour right before we made it to the waterfall, it was pouring when we got there, and then stopped after we were headed back. So I did not grab great pictures, but here’s a few.

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