Hiking and Basketball

This is a fun hike we did above Weber State University. We found it by accident a few years back and this year we went on purpose. My kids love fitness trails, even if they are old and in great need of repair.


We also finished up Junior Jazz. I was actually the coach for Peter’s team. Last year his coach didn’t seem to care that much, and because he likes basketball so much I know he needed a coach that did a decent job. And the only way you can ensure such a thing is volunteering.

We had a 5-2 record. Some games were complete blowouts, and the two losses were very close. The last game was a very disappointing loss by two points. It’s why some of the kids appear so sad in the pictures below.

I did not expect to absolutely love coaching the kids. Every kid scored at least once in a game and most of them made a lot of progress and improvement. It was fun to get to know all the kids and I loved teaching them how to play basketball.

Peter is an awesome basketball player too. His dream of NBA just might happen. This year I was pleased to see that when they were losing he didn’t get anxious and upset: he just kept playing hard.


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