Adventure in January

We had some fun times in January. On Martin Luther King Day, we drove down to Salt Lake. First, we went to the Discovery Children’s Museum. Then we hopped on Trax and went downtown where we wandered around City Creek and had lunch at the Lion House. We finished up the day at The Leonardo.

1)It was a bit of an expensive day. Especially when you add on an extra stop at Fanzz for basketball jerseys. We did get the kids in free to the museums which is why we went. Oh, and we rode Trax in the free zone. I am a very frugal person and I don’t think that’s going to change ever. I am in no way poor, and yet I still hate spending money.

2)I loved riding the train. So did the kids. Yes, it would have been faster to drive. But riding the train is fun. I don’t think Joe agrees with us

Another adventure involved a Junior Jazz party at Vivant.

1)We went early so the kids could be in this random video. We were there for a long time. And I’m not into waiting in line for random things and prizes.

2)Mike Conley was there (not in any official way, just with his kids). My Peter was able to get his Conley jersey signed by him. Epic.


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