Zack: I’m staring out with Zack, because he was the biggest news of our family in 2019. Our year started out with learning he was coming this year, and then he surprised us some more by coming five weeks early and spending almost three weeks in the NICU learning to eat. We love having him and seeing him grow, three thumbs and all.

Henry: Henry started the year in daycare, and switched to preschool when the school year started. He played soccer, and loves cuddle time, art, and is actively learning to read.

Curtis: Curtis finished first grade and started second. He’s in Spanish immersion and is tolerating school. He did football, soccer, and basketball, and also did some piano. He loves playing with friends and most of all video games.

Peter: Peter finished third grade and started fourth. He loves school. He played football, soccer, and continues to improve on the piano. His favorite thing is of course basketball. He loves the NBA and shoots hoops every day.

Liz: Liz is over halfway through her masters in landscape architecture program, but then decided to add a second degree in instructional technology because she loves school. The children, home and garden keep her life busy.

Joe: Joe continued his employment at Pioneer Care Center, but did switch employers halfway through the year when the company he works for was bought out. He started working at Maple Springs occasionally to add some variety. He continues to love woodturning in his spare time, which isn’t very much.

We went on lots of small vacations to Moab, St. George, Capitol Reef, City of Rocks, Twin Falls, and Grandma’s house. We took a big vacation to Las Vegas, Sequoia and Yosemite. We grew a big garden in our new raised beds we built this year. Liz still drags everyone out hiking all the time, and we went swimming and found lots of opportunities to have fun.

Top 20 pictures:



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