Henry had a birthday. He loves stuffed animals, and sometimes drawing, and is a sweet kid except for when he screams/cries which happens a lot with two older brothers.


We went up to Mantua sledding and out on the lake. Right before we left, I spend a lot of time getting all the kids in warm gear. Curtis and Henry stood on our pond in the front yard. They fell in. Henry had wet snow pants and boots. Very annoying, but we found him another pair of boots and off we went. Then at the lake, he stepped on a fishing hole that was fresh and fell in all the way up to his leg. It was a very cold walk back to the car.


After Christmas, we took a trip down to St. George and enjoyed the hotel pool, warmer weather, red rocks, and Children’s museum.


Fun story: while at the Children’s museum I saw two families I know from Brigham City…and later on someone on Facebook posted that they had accidentally switched a shoe from someone in Brigham. It wasn’t me but was one of the people I saw, so they were able to get in touch and trade shoes back. Social media is pretty cool. Also, it’s crazy to meet up with people on accident who live five minutes away when you are on vacation five hours away.


The kids did their basketball skills camp and quite enjoyed it.


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