The garden has done pretty well this year. I think this Asian pear tree might tip over with all the fruit on it. IMG_6374

The raised beds did great. I planted way too many tomatoes, and the summer squash exploded. I’ve been feeding extras to my chickens. IMG_6369

We’ve had quite a few good melons. I was sad to find out my striped Armenian cucumber died soon after transplanting. Instead, I have pickling cucumbers, with no intention to make pickles. IMG_6370IMG_6372

This is the first year I also felt like I’ve got enough eggplant. I use it exclusively to make ratatouille and have quite a few batches stored in the freezer. IMG_6371IMG_6364

I signed up for Chip Drop years ago…and was pleasantly surprised to drive home and find a huge load. It’s all conifer trees and full of pine needles and smells amazing. The whole yard is getting a new layer of mulch, and we don’t have to spend a dime or use our truck. IMG_6352IMG_6353IMG_6357IMG_6359

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