A Bit of Fun

My house looks like this all the time: IMG_5117IMG_5120He loves comfy things, and it’s worth the mess.

We went sledding on a huge hill in Mantua. IMG_5121IMG_5125IMG_5128IMG_5132IMG_5133IMG_5135IMG_5137IMG_5140IMG_5141IMG_5142IMG_5144

We hung up a swing upstairs in our house. Six kids on it at the same time was not a good idea, so we took it down and built a new swing set outside. One of the posts is the tree. I always have weird ideas like that. IMG_5148

We finished up our Junior Jazz season. The kids rarely won. But they had a good time anyway. Peter scored over 20 points in a couple of his games and is an all-star player. We normally talk about not being a ball-hog and passing and such, but his team….Well, one day, two other kids were waiting to dribble the ball down the court, and the kid throwing it in threw it over their heads to Peter, who was being nice and running down the court to let someone else take the ball. Stuff like that was common. Peter is good at basketball and the other kids know it and want him to take all the shots. IMG_5156

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