Flowers and Gardens

The garden is growing. It’s doing pretty well. My greenhouse tomatoes are pretty close to ripening. The hollyhocks I planted last year are blooming. It’s nice to see the yard kind of coming together after five years of working on it.


And a bonus poppy picture from up the canyon.



Willard Canyon

This is the fourth time I’ve hiked this trail. According to previous accounts (see herehere, and here), we often make bad turns and end up in treacherous situations. We didn’t make a wrong turn this time, but we were in some treacherous situations.

The hike started off easy enough. Within a hundred feet of starting, we forged the stream. It was swift but not too bad, and most everyone was wearing sandals. Next were some steep trails that weren’t too bad with the cold weather we were having. Henry hiked right up without a complaint.


Soon, the nice hike turned hazardous. The first hazard were two nearby water crossings. The first bridge was a sketchy, handmaid V that was still pretty stable and not too bad. The second was a wet slippery board and a few branches over a raging stream. We only made it across thanks to the steady help of Joe. Soon after that was poison ivy. And then was a very rocky, steep scramble up to a top of a cliff. We were a bit worried to encounter more hazards or get stuck. Luckily, it all ended in a lovely viewpoint of two waterfalls.


Back down three people scraped their legs up on the boulder field we climbed up. Henry had a scary time crossing the slippery bridge and would have fallen in if his dad wasn’t tightly holding on to him. Our difficulty rating for the hike was a 10. Any harder and we wouldn’t have made it. But we did make it, and that is why I love hiking. I also realized why we hadn’t been on that hike for four years even though it was 10 minutes away from our home, and promised the kids we wouldn’t go back for a few more years.

Summer Fun

The poppies are in bloom. It’s fun to live ten minutes away from this beautiful display. I went up there with my sisters and mom for some fun.

Peter had basketball camp, so the other two boys and I had time to kill in Logan. We went to first and second dam and the Zoo. Our favorite animal at the zoo was a sheep. A boring animal, but it had just been sheared and was so soft and fluffy.


Road Trip

The road trip seemed fun, but also a little insane. Las Vegas, Sequoia, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, all in one big loop in just six days. (It’s over 30 hours of driving.) I wanted a good mix of fun, nature, new places and places I wanted to return to.

We went. There were some downsides. An expensive speeding ticket, taking the wrong shuttle and having to wait around for 20 minutes, and throwing up in the car a couple of times. But overall, the kids didn’t mind driving so much, and everyone loved about everywhere we went. (Except amusement parks are really boring when you are pregnant.)

The first day, we stopped at St. George. It was hot, so after spending a small amount of time at Thunder Junction, we went to the Temple visitors center and watched a movie. The next day in Vegas, we mostly went to Circus Circus where we rode rides, swam, and spent too much on food.

We made a side trip to the dunes in the Mojave desert. It sounded fun, and in reality, it was hot and a bit boring….that whole day was pretty boring.

But the next day was amazing. We went and hiked around the sequoias. Peter ranked the hikes we did a 10/10, which was a first. I remember going here as a little girl, and it was one of the most memorable places I’ve been to.

More camping, and then we visited the waterfalls at Yosemite. The kids might have liked riding the shuttle as much as anything else.

Our final stop was Lake Tahoe, where we did laundry, slept, and did spend an hour or so at the beach during sunset. (It was also rather cold that night.)

School’s Out

I hear a lot of mom’s talk about how they are glad that their children go to school. They need a break. It’s hard to be with your children all the time. I’ve said very similar things.

And then one day I met a mom at the library, talking about how sad she was to send her kids to school, and that she was very excited that they would be home for summer. She liked being with her children and sent them to school because she knew it was necessary for them, not because she wanted a break.

It was this totally different viewpoint that I’ve never forgotten and always wanted to achieve. I’m not there yet. It’s hard to be with my children all the time. Just today I snapped a bit at one of them for talking, and talking, and talking to me about Digimon (or Pokemon, I’m not sure which). Now that school is out and my children will be with me 24/7, I do want to be able to treasure and enjoy my time with them. They are great children and it’s a privilege to be able to see them grow up.

Last Day of School:IMG_5749IMG_5752IMG_5745IMG_5747

Visiting the splash pad the day it opened: 

I’m not sure who drew this or what it is, but I like it:IMG_5739

Curtis’s performance for school:IMG_5612IMG_5606IMG_5610

Garden in May

I’m going to indulge a bit a share lots of pictures of the garden. After years of work, it’s finally grown into something I’m quite happy about. There are always children playing, and lots of fruits and vegetables coming up as well.

Things will often take longer than we want. Life is slow. I plant an apple tree, and I won’t get fruit for a few years. I make plans that only exist on paper for a long time, but eventually with gradual work. they start to take shape. Life is slow in a very good way that teaches us patience and teaches us to appreciate what we have.


Capitol Reef

We took a short camping trip to Capitol Reef. The camping was cold, but it made the hiking the next day rather nice.


We went on one long hike, The Capitol Gorge trail. Everyone had a great time, it was rated an 8/10…and that’s the only hike we did. My children don’t always like hiking, so one good hike was enough.