End of Year Review


Liz: I got into my graduate program and started school full time.

Joe: Fell in love with a new hobby, woodturning. Continued to work hard as a physical therapist.

Peter: Became obsessed with basketball, and played soccer and flag football as well. He’s also getting really good at the piano but doesn’t love it. Earned both his Bobcat and Wolf at scouts.

Curtis: Graduated kindergarten, and performed in his Kindergarten opera. Learned how to read well. Also played soccer and flag football.

Henry: Loves to draw, and still loves stuffed animals and blankets. A big one for him was getting potty trained. Did joy school the first half of the year and then started daycare part-time.

Home: We made a cool patio in the backyard. And painted some of the exterior (horrible job) and fixed up a lot of things.

Notable Trips: Moab (3 times) including Arches, Canyonlands,  and Millcreek Canyon; Bear Lake, Yellowstone, Idaho Falls; Couple trip to Redwoods; Lagoon, hikes to Cold Water Canyon and Bald Mountain, and Spiral Jetty.

We enjoyed parks, swimming, board games, scavenger hunts, exploring and just playing.

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