Is there a Perfect Way?

I’ve had a common belief that if I should find the perfect way. The perfect way to organize my daily routine, the perfect way to organize the furniture in my living room. The perfect way to style my hair…If I could just find the perfect way, then I could do it all the time and never have to change.

Well, I have found a near perfect routine. And then I try to do it every day, and I fail a lot at doing it. Mostly because I’m bored of it. First of all, there is no exactly perfect way. And second, I enjoy change and variation. Sometimes I don’t think I do, but I get bored and feel unchallenged if I have it all figured out.

I rearranged the furniture in my living room. Again. I do it frequently. Except for this time, I didn’t tell myself that the way I was doing it was better. I just wanted a change, a bit of a pointless adventure that might or might not solve a few problems relating to the use of couches in our family. It was fun.

Change is fun. And striving for perfection in stupid ways often prevents me from enjoying that change. In ecology, I had a professor that remarked, nearly ever class, that the only thing constant is change. I create values that I live be, but the actions and the way I go about life and interpret those values changes each day.

Life is messy, and not perfect. One thing good about change is that when it happens, you are able to clean up a lot of the mess. And it is better that way. If it was perfect, I wouldn’t be growing as much and I wouldn’t be as happy.


A small bit of the dirt and stuff I cleaned up when rearranging furniture

So, for me, I need to stop striving to find the perfect solution and just find a solution that works right now today. And if it doesn’t work tomorrow, that’s fine. I’ll try another solution that will be a little better because I’ve learned from trying.

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