Basketball Party

We’ve been watching this cake show on TV where a kid draws a picture of a cake, and then two professional bakes compete by interpreting the drawing and making a cake for their birthday. We did it with Peter. Here’s his picture. IMG_4689

Here is my cake. It’s an ice cream and Funfetti cake. It tasted great. IMG_4694

Joe’s cake. And the frosting was good, the cake was edible. IMG_4692

I won the competition. But obviously, neither of us are professional bakers.

Also, I failed to take any pictures of the actual birthday and birthday party or birthday boy. I forgive myself. We had three parties. One with just us, another with friends, and a third with family. They were all fun. The birthday boy loved everything: lots of basketball-themed presents including a basketball, new shoes, a custom jersey, basketball cards, a warmup jacket, and tickets to a basketball game. He loves basketball.

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