For our vacation, we had planned to visit a bunch of families. I had to keep replanning the vacation, and eventually, it didn’t work out at all. With no real plans, we decided to go on some smaller adventures for a few days instead of a big vacation.

We went down to Moab to visit my sister. She stored her guest bed in the garage and instead of hauling it into the house, I wanted to sleep out under the stars. And it was awesome. It’s a dark sky area and there were a ton of stars, and even a few shooting stars (unlike my home that is next to a temple, which is awesome, except for quite heavy light pollution so I never see that many stars).

We went to an awesome trail up Millcreek Canyon. Moab is a busy place, but this trail wasn’t. I loved it. The hike wasn’t too hot, and the whole place was gorgeous, and the swimming was pretty fun at the end.


Back home for a few days, and then we went up to Bear Lake, Yellowstone, and Idaho Falls. Everything went pretty well except on night of camping where everyone lost there cool and no one went to sleep when they were supposed to. I’m thinking my children all need single tents where they can’t bother each other or their parents.


One of the kids favorite things were the mud pots. It was a simple stop, but they just stopped and stared for a long time. We didn’t have tons of time anywhere, just a few hours, but we still had a lot of fun.


At Idaho Falls, we stayed in a pretty nice hotel room that was picked purely on the size of the pool. That was my children’s number one request for the vacation was to stay in a hotel with a pool. Everyone slept better, and we had a very relaxing day swimming, watching a bit of  TV, walking along the river, and going to the temple and visitor’s center.


And now we are home and starting the flag football season. I’m against little kids (and probably older kids too, but luckily I don’t have any of those) playing tackle football…but football is such a good team sport, and we have all been loving flag football.


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