My Children


This child loves to play and is almost always happy. And when he gets hurt he wants his flower blankie, not his mom.



This one jumps in with both feet and has the strangest but cool ideas. He packed his backpack for a trip all by himself, complete with old phones and chargers (two in case someone else wanted to play). Made a bomb out of a peach, toothpick, celery and a few other kitchen gadgets.


This child has worn through a pair of running shoes in a couple months (you can almost seek his socks through them in spots). and three + basketballs. He loves to shot hoops. Trick shots on top of the fort, games of horse and twenty-one, and dunks on the little hoop. He’s heard if you want to play in the NBA you have to practice a lot, and he’s taken that to heart and is out there every day. The best park to him is one with a basketball hoop.

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