Making Churchy Stuff Fun

I’m not great a family history. But I try sometimes, and occasionally I find some new ancestors. Recently I found some distant cousins of my Grandma Jane’s and discovered they had some temple work to do.  I printed it out, and I’ve been working on it slowly. One day I was trying to see what I needed to do before I could do sealing and ended up laying out the names in a family tree. It was neat to see these people as a family, not just a list of names. There are grandparents, parents, sons, and daughters who got married and had children.


Also, I recently came across sketchnoting and took notes on scratch paper during stake conference.


Weekly round-up:

  • Gilgal Gardens
  • Trampoline park
  • Visiting cousins
  • Lots of free school lunch
  • Swimming
  • Library, storytime
  • Scout camp for Peter
  • Invited friends over
  • Mantua beach with cousins

Pictures I took of the kids: 0. I’ll work on that.

One thought on “Making Churchy Stuff Fun

  1. cwalk64 says:

    That is a good idea with the names. I sat and tried to figure some out once, this would have helped. Also pictures I take when having fun 0.


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