Summer Break

I’ve enjoyed having my kids at home, so we can leave home and go to fun places. (We also play a lot at home.) So far we have:

  • Had cousins over to play
  • Gone to the library
  • Had free school lunch
  • Played at the Bounce house
  • Went to storytime
  • Did the RC boat at Mantua beach
  • Played at Lagoon
  • Swam at the swimming pool
  • Swam at Crystal Hot Springs
  • Had friends over for a splash party
  • Go to a few cool parks
  • Lots of time playing at home, often with neighbors over

I love it all, it is a bit exhausting, but in a very good way. I haven’t been great at taking pictures. Here’s a few from Lagoon.

lagoon (1)lagoon (2)lagoon (3)

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