Start of Summer

I wanted to take some pictures of my garden because I haven’t for a while. And I realized I need to plant more flowers because there was not much to take pictures of. I even ripped out all the pansies yesterday because that’s what you do in the spring. Rip out perfectly good flowers. We’ve been working in the yard…but mostly just moving stuff around and hauling things to the dump.


In my yard, I feel like I’m just getting rid of everything, but it all has a long-term goal. I rip out pansies because, when it starts to get hot, the pansies will look awful. I plant new flowers that won’t mind the heat. I move stuff around and rip things out so that I can build better things. Next up, I want to put in a larger patio and more trellises.

For Memorial weekend, we had cousins over on Saturday and then went to my Grandma’s house. It was always the plan to go up there, but between the time we made the plans and executed them, my grandma got sick and went on hospice. She died soon after we visited, although unfortunately, she slept both times I visited her the last week of her life.


We also stopped by the graves of Joe’s grandma and my uncles and great-grandparents. Our memorial day was not full of fun, but it was much more meaningful to me.


Also, the children are finishing school. Here’s Curtis’s graduation. He looks thrilled. (Seriously, look at his expression in the group picture and you will get why when I asked him after if he wanted a picture with his teacher he said no.)


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