Hiking without Complaint

I love to hike, and I managed to find a way to hike with the children so they weren’t complaining. The whole afternoon was set up in a series of challenges. For the first challenge, we did a mini-escape room in my bedroom. The kids needed a little bit of a hint, but they figured it out.

The second challenge was going out to the bird refuge. They had a new tower I wanted to go see, but the children are never too excited about going out there. Hence it was part of the challenge. We had to see and identify three birds, which we did so easily.

The last challenge, we drove down to a hike in Ogden Canyon, Cold Water Canyon. I had printed off four pictures that I found on a blog about the hike, and they needed to find all four pictures. They headed out on the path looking for the pictures and never once complained. It was awesome.


Quite a beautiful hike too. Shady, it went through pretty dense forests the whole time. I love being in the forest. We ended after a bit less than a mile at a bridge. (Which was the final picture they needed to find.)

After all the challenges we went out and got ice cream. And bought shoes for some of the kids. We had to go to the Men’s section to get Peter shoes…super crazy!

I also went with Curtis on his school field trip. He had fun. I never want to ride a bus with a bunch of kindergarteners again.


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