Normal Life

Life lately has been full of rather tedious events:

  • Potty training (which isn’t going great)
  • Broken cars (the window was stuck down)
  • Children stealing candy (and also learning not to lie about doing so)
  • Noticing lots of stuff that needs to be done around the house. But not doing much about it.
  • Planting the garden. Some of it’s doing quite well. But I did manage to kill off all but one of my tomato transplants when I forgot to water them on a hot day.
  • Knowing I shouldn’t be lazy, but not having the motivation to do more
  • Soccer and school.
  • I finished up my semester. I did well, but I’m not happy to be done. I like school. Picked up a couple of garden design clients and I have a few classes I’m teaching, so I’m still staying busy.

So life is normal. The weather is good, the children and I are usually happy, so life is also good.

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