Do you know that Easter is the first Sunday after spring equinox after the full moon? And General conference is always the first Sunday in April…and sometimes they end up on the same weekend. Add in a little bit of soccer and it makes for an epic fun time.

easter (9)

easter (6)easter (8)easter (7)

This year we decided to head down and stay over at my parents. We had an awesome Easter feast at my brother’s house, complete with Easter egg hunt.

easter (5)

In the spirit of spring equinox, many of my flowers are in full bloom. We’ve been working on the yard, adding mulch and getting rid of weeds and planting vegetables. I would say it’s a lot of fun, but truthfully I’ve been dragging my feet. It’s a lot of work! One day, I finally talked to my husband about it and asked for his help. He then weeded the front yard and went and got a truckload of mulch for it, and worked on re-grading a few spots in the yard. Ask and you shall receive! He’s awesome like that.

easter (4)easter (3)

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