Looking Backward…

Sometimes looking back at where I’ve been is a good reminder of how good life really is, and how much I’ve improved and done in my life.

Sometimes I get discouraged with the children: the days can be long and a bit boring with young children. But when I look back at all the fun projects we’ve done, and the times I spent just playing and having fun, I realize it’s not that bad.



The same boys, six years time difference. And here’s Henry so he’s not neglected:


My garden can be a bit discouraging. It’s large. There are lots of weeds. But looking at everything I’ve done so far helps me to keep going, and realize that I am creating a garden that I love and enjoy. Slowly, but most good things in life are slow.



The house when we moved in, and today. The picket fence hides a lot of fun stuff going on in the front yard, unfortunately. Removing the grass really made the front yard seem much larger. 

1copy (3).JPG

greenhouse (2).jpg

Here’s a part of the yard that is way better than it was. Except for the house needs to be painted now…the joys of home ownership and hail storms. 

(Also, everyone should have all the pictures stored on Google photos. It’s so easy to find a specific picture and browse back through the years.)

One thought on “Looking Backward…

  1. cwalk64 says:

    That was a fun walk back in time. I think it is good to remember how far we’ve come, and that we can just keep going forward everyday.


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