What I think is worth sharing today:

Children grow up. I’ve never felt sad about it. I feel like I’m seeing them grow into the person they were meant to become, I get to know them a little bit better the older they get. And if I ever really want a baby to snuggle, I’ll get pregnant again. (If children grew up slower, would we have as many kids?)

Peter had a rough basketball game the other day. The other team was very physical, especially on him and there were so many fouls, both called and not called. By the end of the game our team was so frustrated we were fouling just as much as the other team and we lost dismally. I’m hoping our last game will be another win or at least a game that isn’t so physical. Peter hates to lose too, it’s easier to live with people after they win.

Curtis was actually a student of the month and got a very nice letter from his teacher. He can be sweet and kind, but also selfish and a bit of a bully. I’m glad that he is being kind at school.


Henry wanted to be a bear today, he wants to be all sorts of animals. Birds, monkeys, tigers, turtles with blankets for shells. Anyway, he isn’t wearing his pants so he can have “bear” legs.

I’m enjoying warm weather. We’ve gone on a few nice walks/hikes, and I’m working on weeding the garden early so I don’t have to as much during the busy spring.


Valentine’s day was fun because I did the class party for Peter’s class. Joe bought my favorite cookies, I bought danishes and donuts for breakfast, and otherwise, it was a normal day.


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