I’m not ready for spring yet. However, the buds are swelling, the plants are starting to green up and it will be spring whether I like it or not.

greehouse (2)

This is an out of control Komatsuna. I planted it in August and then built the greenhouse around it. It’s past the point where it’s actually good for eating, but it’s is super pretty.

greehouse (3)greehouse (1)

I’ve got lettuce, flower, and beets coming up too. I planted these in December. They’ve been super slow to grow, but lately, they have been taking off.

Things in the home have been a bit ridicules lately. We had some plumbing issues that turned into more problems. I know way more about plumbing now than I did two weeks ago. Hopefully, the bathroom will be put back together and functional again by tomorrow. But with our luck, we will just find another problem.

We decided to paint the tile in our bathroom blue. (It does look more purple in the pictures, and it did turn out more periwinkle than the light blue I was expecting.) It took forever but does look better than the stained mess we had before. Here’s during the long, six-hour process:

tiles (3)tiles (2)tiles (1)


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