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Play. Going out in the snowy cold and enjoying what no one else is doing, having fun doing what other people think is crazy. I want to be outside, with freezing hands and slipping on the ice, doing something…not stuck inside just because it’s cold.

“It’s today I must be living.” Today we went to the park and I went for a walk with a friend. I have never even remotely regretted going outside. And in a January that is usually filled with freezing temps and air pollution, I want to spend as much time as I can outside with clear skies and sunshine.

What we’ve been up to: Peter started basketball, I started off another semester of school, and Henry even started his own little Joy School. (And I’m really trying to get the child potty trained. It’s a process. One that my children and I are not all that great at.)

Since I didn’t take any pictures this week, here’s a video I made:

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